Ping G Crossover

All tour pros nowadays have utility iron in their bags.

This is a piece of great equipment for golfers who desire to have the distance a hybrid provides an iron-clad accuracy in a club. It has been described as being in a new category of clubs.

Variable Sizes

It comes in 24, 21 and 18 lofts sizes. It was not made to replace hybrid designs, however, some of these sizes might do that.

More Spin, Lower Launch

It is ideal for golfing in windy places and for low-running shots. It gives more accuracy and control of shots than the hybrid club provides.

Bigger Club Head

The head of the club is bigger, with a face that is made in an iron-style inserted created with thin steel.

It has weights in the head and heel that increases the perimeter weighting and makes the forgiveness maximum.

Hollow construction

The unique construction of the club’s head is made with an internal sole that is tiered, located at the back of the face. It gives the club a greater flexing capacity on impact as well as giving the ball extra speed.

Attractive Design

The finish is matte black. It is striking and uniquely attractive.

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