The Centurion Club (Hertfordshire)

The Centurion Club offers a modern and affordable 5-star experience for its members.

The club has a world-class layout that is truly admirable, and the standard is the epitome of modern club in the century, with facilities and services that are equal to the quality seen in world-renowned courses for championship.

It is different from other clubs in that it is unencumbered by elitist behaviours that most private high-end clubs keep to.

There are no dress codes, green committees, club captains or many notice boards. There is free access to every area.

Jeff Galvin, a member of the club and a Michelin-starred chef, helped majorly in the organization of the restaurant. It offers some of the highest quality meals in the clubhouse, with a menu that is often sold out and requires a reservation. The expert chefs have created such a superb meal that it rivals many diners in the area, and the place is fully booked on the weekends and requires a reservation.

The design of the clubhouse is of such superb quality that it disguises the purpose with skill. The golfing equipment, design, atmosphere and set up are expertly incorporated, and the atmosphere is so relaxed yet offers a world-renowned quality golfing experience.

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