Motorcaddy Trolley (M3 Series)

The Motorcaddy series have evolved impressively. They have a range of award-winning trolleys that are electrically powered, however, the M-series takes them to a new level.

There are four models created in the series. They are specially made for golfers who want to conserve energy for the game and do not wish to haul bags around with them.

Smaller sized trolley

It makes it easier to store and carry. It is 10% smaller than the other series. It has a built-in stand so it can be stored in an upright position

Easy To Operate

Setting it up and collapsing it only takes a little time to master. The control buttons are clear and straightforward.

It has a speed dial with nine settings, depending on the desired pace. The highest setting can easily go uphill with heavy bags.

The battery is 28V lithium – very powerful, with increased capacity and endurance.

Sporty Design

The design is solid and well-made, with beautiful and bright colours.

Dual-handle Grip

It is easily height-adjustable, making it comfortable. It has power dial buttons that are easily understood.

Connection of Bag-to-trolley

This connection removes the need for the lower strap for the bag. It has a security pin that ensures your trolley and bag remain safe and your privacy is protected.

Wide wheels

The wheels are easy to detach and attach, marked clearly and very durable.

Display Screen

The digital screen gives information about battery life, the distance travelled, and the time. It has a USB port for GPS units and phones. It will show alerts from the connected phone on the display screen.

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