US Singles Return To Win PGA Cup

The United States made one of the greatest comebacks in the history of the PGA Cup competition, battling against all odds to win Ireland and Great Britain after coming down from 4 points and reclaiming the trophy after 6 years.

The competition was held in Texas, at the Barton Creek Resort. Right next to the championship fishing lake in Texas.

The game on Saturday was fierce and thrilling to watch. The visiting teams played hard for 3 days and were on the way to winning when the host team fought back and amazingly overtook from being behind to win the trophy in the final match. This feat is almost never heard of and it was an absolutely historic moment of pride for the host team.

The captain of the US team, Sprague, expressed his joy and belief in the capability of his players. He’d encouraged them to believe they could accomplish anything, and their victory was indeed proof that they could!

Cameroon, captain of the defeated team admitted that the loss was tough and his team’s scores went downhill fast. However, he believes that they worked hard, and had excellent play earlier in the week, and perhaps their loss reflected their exhaustion after a long week.

The next PGA competition is 2021 and will be held in Surrey.

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