Ping G400 Max Driver

The best way to describe these series is in comparison to the original G400 driver. It’s the original driver on steroids.

Total Volume

The volume is bigger than that of the original G400 at 460cc.

Geometrical Design

The design covers the sole-to-crown and the front-to-back. It makes the club look more confidence-inspiring.

Increased Dimensions

The increased dimension in the front-to-back of the club means there is a heavier tungsten weight in the sole, near the rear part. This makes the whole head more stable,  increases its resistance to forces that will make it twist, and makes it have a lower centre of gravitational force.

Greater Consistency

There is greater consistency in dispersion, accuracy, and trajectory in G400 Max. It is easier to hit straight shots, and the shots are much easier to control, making them more predictable and repetitive.

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