Royal Mid-Surrey Club (Richmond)

Last year, it celebrated its 125th year, unveiling its newly renovated championship-grade courses.

It is without a doubt one of the perfect venues for societies or corporations looking for premium facilities, top-quality meals, and an accessible location.

It is home to a 36-hole quality, the only one in the centre of London, and a mere 20-minute ride via train from the centre of the city.

It is at the historical location of the royal parkland area. It is connected to river that runs towards the Royal Gardens in Kew. In the times past, King Henry V built a monastery where the course of JH Taylor’s 14th and 15th hole is now located.

It was given its royal status in 1926. The captain was the Prince of Wales at the time and the president was Queen Victoria’s cousin.

It boasts of an amazing clubhouse that is stylishly modern without betraying its traditional roots. Each room has a unique charm and ambience, and the private rooms give a panoramic view of the courses.

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