About Us

The number one source of free updates on all things golf is indisputably the Des Etangs magazine. Today, because of an increase in the avenues of distribution, it is read by a wider audience than it ever was before.

Although much other paid-for golf news is experiencing a decline in the number of subscribers and smaller audiences, Des Etangs’ audience continues to increase. In 2014, the rate of distribution for the printed magazine grew by 20%, and the digital magazine had more than 50% increase in viewers.

Des Etangs is a user-friendly, web-based and easily-accessible magazine that has become very popular amongst golfers in clubs and professional golfers alike.

The upward growth and wider distribution are set to continue as the years go by.

The next step towards advancing the magazine is to create more strands and to roll-out the programmes on more countertops. This will increase its popularity and prominence in clubhouses, golf resorts, hotels,  golf shops and pro shops in the United Kingdom.

Des Etangs magazine will keep up doing as it has done for years – it will keep on providing topical news with features that are exclusive, interesting and relevant to all club golfers.