Ping G400 Max Driver

The best way to describe these series is in comparison to the original G400 driver. It’s the original driver on steroids.
Total Volume
The volume is bigger than that of the original G400 at 460cc.
Geometrical Design
The design covers the sole-to-crown and the front-to-back. It makes the club look more confidence-inspiring.
Increased Dimensions
The increased dimension in the front-to-back of the club means there is a heavier tungsten weight in the sole, near the rear part. This makes the whole head more stable,  increases …

Motorcaddy Trolley (M3 Series)

The Motorcaddy series have evolved impressively. They have a range of award-winning trolleys that are electrically powered, however, the M-series takes them to a new level.
There are four models created in the series. They are specially made for golfers who want to conserve energy for the game and do not wish to haul bags around with them.
Smaller sized trolley
It makes it easier to store and carry. It is 10% smaller than the other series. It has a built-in stand so it can be stored in an upright position
Easy To Operate
Setting it up and collapsing it only takes a little …

Ping G Crossover

All tour pros nowadays have utility iron in their bags.
This is a piece of great equipment for golfers who desire to have the distance a hybrid provides an iron-clad accuracy in a club. It has been described as being in a new category of clubs.
Variable Sizes
It comes in 24, 21 and 18 lofts sizes. It was not made to replace hybrid designs, however, some of these sizes might do that.
More Spin, Lower Launch
It is ideal for golfing in windy places and for low-running shots. It gives more accuracy and control of shots than the hybrid club provides.
Bigger Club Head…